Combo Valentine's Day chocolates
  • Combo Valentine's Day Chocolates

    Valentine's Day Chocolate Combo Box 1


    Valentine's Day 9 piece Bon Bons in three Red tea flavors with four assorted chocolate bars.

    This Red & Gold collection comes in an Ivory and Satin Red Ribbon box with a matching Vintage Valentines Day card 


    Red Tea flavors:

    1. Mulled Apple Sice

    2. African Rooibos Tea

    3. Hibiscus Rose


    Choice of bars: Rooh Afza (Rose and Dates), Saint Dominigue, Sea Salt Caramel, Orange Blossom with roasted nuts


    Fine fair trade Belgian chocolate Bars with infusion and/or rich cream ganache filling hand brewed in real teas, flowers, fruits, herbs and spices.


    No compound chocolate, vegetable oil, trans-fat, corn syrup, invertase, egg, butter or artificial flavors. Each bon bon is about 50 calories. These are 100% handmade in small batches,


    You can add others bars in stock of your choice from our other Valentine gifts online or seasonal flavors here:


    Gift box: This is a textured ivory box with gold interiors tied with Satin Red Ribbon and a vintage Valentine's Day card.